At the start of the school year when I first meet my GCSE students, I ask them to write a letter introducing themselves. I provide some prompt questions, and show how I would answer them about myself to give them an idea of what I’m after. This year I shared…

I was delighted to be asked to record a short video on misconceptions for the #ChatPhysicsLive conference, but also a little bit apprehensive as the topic is a massive one! …

ASE conference primary day

What a day. So many people and things to see, do and learn! Thanks so much to all the knowledgeable and experienced people who shared at the ASE conference today — so much hard work goes into every session, and I wish I could have seen…

“Who here is a physics teacher?”


“Who here teaches children about space, electricity, forces, light or sound?”

One by one, hands gingerly rise — until the entire room of primary school teachers is waving back at me.

“That’s… physics! You all teach children physics. You’re all physics teachers!


Carole Kenrick

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